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25 July 2005 @ 02:54 pm
Croc pic  
Crocs (muggers, or marsh crocodiles) are seen in most of our big rivers and at Ranganathitu, they are fairly harmless (if you don't enter the water!) and you can go real close to it - something like within 2-3 feet of it. I'm surprised how white they keep their teeth after all that eating they do.

(Deleted comment)
teemus on July 25th, 2005 02:44 pm (UTC)

Yeah, and you get to lose an arm and/or a leg if you are lucky. :D
(Deleted comment)
Yathinyathin on July 25th, 2005 02:46 pm (UTC)
I think it's the Komodo dragon which is the worst.
Philipbluesmoon on July 25th, 2005 04:25 pm (UTC)
I spent my stay in Bombay watching Animal Planet. They measured the bite of a croc. A 12 foot croc had a bite of 2300 lbf.