Yathin (yathin) wrote,

More backyard stuff

I spent my first weekend at home in over a year and I dont want to do it again for a long long time! :D

What really kept me at home was the arrival of the books that I had ordered over a month ago from Amazon on Saturday morning. I was supposed to go out on Sunday morning to a birding trip with vijayr and a couple of other birders, but woke up to a terrible headache and fever - thats 2 times in 4 days! Anyways I got slightly better by afternoon and as usual, I started looking out for the elusive warbler from my window. I got some good photos and made some decent observations of the warbler through my binoculars, and I'm still not sure if it's a Booted Warbler or a Sykes Warbler or even a Blyths Reed Warbler!!

The Coral tree (Eryrthrina species) on which I saw so many birds on Thursday was again attracting birds in large numbers and I had all the time in the world to setup my tripod in the right place - something like how you do it in a studio. After my setup I was in complete view of the birds as I was not using a hide and surprisingly the birds were not at all shy and went about their normal activities totally ingnoring my presence there.

Common Tailor bird

Ashy Prinia

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