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Hello, Canon

After years of shooting in Nikon and accumulating lots of Nikon branded gear along the road the decision to switch to Canon turned out to be a simple one in the end. A Simple One. The SO.

There was no drama. There was no crying out loud about nonexistent nonsense like how bad Nikon was or how the key to world peace was all about using Canon. The only reason I chose Nikon to begin with was because many of my friends were shooting in Nikon and we thought we could go about sharing our lenses. The DSLR world begins with a small investment in a basic camera body and a basic lens (or lenses). The brittle bond to a brand grows stronger by the year with each passing one bringing in new members of the brand into the family. Overflowing camera backpacks signal arrival at the point of no return and an unsaid oath of fierce allegiance.

Lenses are key ingredients for a camera setup and almost all the lenses you'd ever want to shoot in are horribly expensive when you're not a professional (or even a semi-professional) and don't sell or intend to sell photographs. We wait for the piggybank to fill up before we can take the spoils of a piggybank that did a Humpty Dumpty to our favorite camera store to get that glittery piece of glass we had been lusting for.

I loved every minute of shooting with Nikon. The only times that I thought about a move to Canon were during the times of planning a piggybank accident or when I could not photograph something that I would have liked to because it was beyond the reach of my lens. The reason those thoughts would come up was because Canon has more choice and their lenses are much cheaper but then the investment in Nikon was so much that I'd rather not be thinking about switching.

And then came the special one. She shot in Canon and I shot in Nikon. She had all the gear I had in Nikon but under the Canon tattoo. And both of us carry all our gear on trips to the wilderness. That translated to carrying twice the amount of gear that was necessary. I wanted a big telephoto and she didn't. Aha! Now which brand has a cheaper telephoto? A plan was made and Nikon made way to Canon in the backpack. It was that simple.

My new Canon 1Ds

Ele the elephant. First shot with the Canon 1Ds :-)

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