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Little Big Cat!

It is the littlest of Africa's big five - lion, elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros and leopard. The big five may have its origins in game hunting, but I'm pretty sure it was the most difficult one to get to even then as it is now to get to photograph or see. Anyway, I expected exactly zero leopard sightings on the trip. Besides being elusive and all that, the plains is probably just not the ideal place for a leopard. Trees and plants for protection and camouflage is what a leopard probably needs and the plains of the Serengeti doesn't not have too much of it. And that was perhaps the reason we saw two leopards - on the same day and in different places!

A sleepy leopard on a tree...

...and tourists everywhere to see it.

Earlier that day we saw a dead Thomson's Gazelle on a tree. Killed and eaten by a leopard.

After waiting patiently we spotted the cat that had done it. It was in the bushes not too far from its kill

It got bored of waiting for the tourists to go away and walked away towards a creek

Several hours later, the leopard was still in the area. This time under a tree with a herd of elephants in the neighborhood.

The sleepy leopard finally gets up and looks at the tourists who had assembled to see it.

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