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The Grand Teton National Park

I have no words it seems. I have been thinking for the last several minutes on how best to start writing about the short trip to the Grand Teton National Park and I just can't begin. Grand, wonderful, amazing, awesome, fantastic, beautiful and everything else seems to fit very well. It probably isn't as popular as the national park just north - Yellowstone - but it is just as pretty and in a different way. It has been claimed that the Teton range is so beautiful that the southern state of Colorado once used photographs of this range for advertising tourism in their state! Yeah, the words Colorado and Rockies seem to go hand in hand, but the Rockies are so beautiful everywhere that the political boundaries are just lines on some map.

The northern end of the park seems to support a healthy population of the Grizzly bear and seeing one on the trip was top priority. The Colter Bay campsite had fliers with a photograph of a young grizzly that had been shot dead in the campsite because bad humans taught the bear how to steal food and he had become an aggressive raider. "Save a bear" the flier screamed with the dead bear's photograph doing some advertising to save his friends and family who still roam and live in these parts. It seems that most of the tourists driving thorough the national park are on their way to Yellowstone and only a few decide to explore the place. The crowds that Yellowstone is famous far seem to avoid Grand Teton - which is probably the reason why the place seems so much wilder. The dirt roads off of the highways are empty and there is wildlife to be seen. We didn't have any luck with the grizzlies though, but the trip to the Grand Teton was a beautiful one indeed because all the other animals and the scenic Rockies more than made up for missing out on the big brown bear.

The Teton range just before dawn at the Oxbow bend

A vole. I almost ran over this one, but it was saved and chased away from the suicide spot.

A Bison

A Black-tailed Deer

Another Black-tailed Deer

A Moose enjoying some time by a stream

A Pronghorn. Only the cheetah can run faster than this animal. It is strange then that the fastest herbivore and the fastest carnivore are on two vast continents separated by thousands of miles of land and sea.

An American White Pelican enjoys a swim

The Teton range at moonrise...

...and the first rays of Sun


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