Yathin (yathin) wrote,

Yellowstone 3 - The Wildlife

Yellowstone was done in two phases. The first phase was all about the touristy things like must-see places and stopping to look at bison herds, elk and such. The second phase would begin after a trip south to the Grand Tetons. Wildlife sighting during the first phase was very exciting and interesting - the first views of the great bison herds set against a fiery backdrop and the giant elk in all their grace next to the roads. And since it was pretty much my first time seeing wild herds, every opportunity to make photographs was welcomed. It was a rainy couple of days in Yellowstone though and photographs were mostly of the here-is-proof-i-saw-wildlife kind. Anyway, here are some of the common creatures seen in Yellowstone during the first phase.

A lone American Bison walks across a meadow with geysers in the background

A grazing bison

Bison herd

A Bison calf

A Bison walks crosses a meadow

The famous Yellowstone Bison-crossing jams.

A Black bear sow skulks in the shadows

A female Elk.

A marmot looks out from its vantage point

A Coyote runs across a meadow

Another Coyote looks into the Hayden valley below

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