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Yellowstone 1 - Geysers and Hot Springs

Time to kickoff some photographs from Yellowstone then? It has been a busy couple of weeks and the process of looking through photographs to pick out ones to process and upload has been a little challenging. So, I think I should begin by posting pictures of geysers and hot springs for which Yellowstone is most famous for, besides being the world's first national park and the most visited national park in the United States.

There is a shortage of words and phrases used to describe Yellowstone. Anything and everything I want to say has been said before and in words more beautiful than I can ever imagine putting together. There are few words better than what Terry Tempest Williams writes in "The erotics of place: Yellowstone" to describe Yellowstone:

"Steam rising. Water boiling. Geysers surging. Mud pots gurgling. Herds breathing. Hooves stampeding. Wings flocking. Sky darkening. Clouds gathering. Rain falling. Rivers raging. Lakes rising. Lightning striking. Trees burning. Thunder dapping. Smoke clearing. Eyes staring.

We call its name -- and the land calls back.


Echo System.


That is Yellowstone. You'll understand when you go there.

The gigantic Yellowstone caldera is almost incomprehensible and definitely not viewable in its entirety standing anywhere on earth - a crazy 30 miles by 40 miles (or around 50 by 70 kilometers). It's a strange feeling driving into a caldera that big. It is a caldera masked by beauty in innumerable forms from geothermal features to trees to landscape to wildlife. Yellowstone breathes. Yellowstone lives.

Near the Grand Prismatic geyser

Firehole river on a cloudy, rainy day.

Near Artist's paint pots

One of the countless geysers along the Firehole river

Hotsprings along the river

Geysers, hot springs, fumaroles, mudpots and all

Grand Prismatic spring

Grand Prismatic spring

Beautifully colored pools

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