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San Diego: Zoo and Sea World

The day before I was supposed to fly to San Diego I heard that my dear old friend, Spike, had died back in Bangalore. I knew him since he was just a little, fragile, helpless pup, and I can never get over the fact that he won't be there to greet me when I make that visit home. This post is dedicated to his memory.


Captive animals and performing animals are not the kind of animals I'd like to see. I'd rather see them in the wild, when they are free and own their worlds. Once in a while a visit to a zoo comes up. I've been to zoos only a handful of times in the last decade and each time I've come away with mixed feelings. The answer to the question "Whether animals should be trained to perform or be held captive?" remains as hazy as ever. Zoos and performing animals are probably important for the people to look and take interest in the wonderful lifeforms that share this space with us...

People enjoy looking at a Hippo through the glass

Question: Who gave Spain its name? And who is the closest living relative of the Elephants? This little dude! The Hyrax.

A Wallaby

A Turtle

A pool with Sharks and Rays!

Two polar bears that are not being affected by global warming...

Meerkats in their Manor

Someone is dreaming of Kung Fuuuuuuuuuuuu instead of making noodles...

Who likes to Splash?

Who likes to Jump?

Who likes to Jump higher?


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