Yathin (yathin) wrote,

California's state reptile

Yes, there is such a thing as California's state reptile. It is the amazing Desert Tortoise. I was hoping to see one on my previous trips to and through the Mojave, but it turned out I had to wait for the right time of the year to make the trip to see this wonderful creature. Desert Tortoise Natural Area is probably the best place to see them. There are a few short trails - trails beside burrows, and trails beside washes and flowers - which are good bets to find one. And I did find one there, just after I had given up on seeing one after more than a couple of hours of hiking in the desert sun!


The tortoise and its burrow. Apparently, they spend 95% of their lives in the burrow!

And off to sleep perhaps as the sun goes down in the Mojave.

Tags: desert, desert tortoise, tortoise
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