Yathin (yathin) wrote,

Spring and hiking

I went on my first real hike in a really, really long time. I better put in more of these before a longer trip, now that summer is lurking just around the horseshoe bend. It wasn't a long hike, but with an altitude gain of about 900 feet, it showed that I had slacked away from real hikes for a while. But I did reach the summit of the Flag Hill in the Ohlone Regional Park (in the East SF bay hills) and after that it was all downhill! Spring flower bloom, verdant hills, a gentle breeze and just the right temperature made it a rather pleasant outing. And it all took just a few hours of the morning which is a good thing because as soon as I got a cell phone signal I noticed a voice mail from office...

Anyway, here are the pictures for the day:

California Poppy in the California Sun!

Lupins everywhere...

Lupins on the top of the mountain... and the road 900 feet below where the hike started

Lupins and Poppies

Lupin in the sun

A White-breasted Nuthatch peeping out of hole (they should be getting ready to nest perhaps?)

A Rock Wren singing - America's got Talent!

Mr. Slowsky?

Nope. Turns out they are Western Pond Turtles!

Tags: flower, hike, mammal, office, ohlone, turtle, wilderness, wildlife
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