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18 February 2007 @ 06:48 pm
Did a little bit of birding this morning at Hessarghatta. The plan was to go see and photograph a rare species of Pipit which another team had spotted during the Bangalore Bird Race. We were unlucky with the bird, but we decided to drive around a bit on the slushy lake bed in search of other subjects to shoot.

Shooting raptors is tough work. They are brilliantly camouflaged when perched and fly away as soon as we get within shooting range. An innovative way to shoot them is to use the car as a moving hide and my friend has perfected the art of doing it. And Kestrels (a type of Falcon) are notorious for being shy and wary of humans. Just look what it did as soon as we got close to it!

Common Kestrel. Isn't she a beauty?

That's how the Kestrel looked when we first spotted her.

Black Kite. Don't ask me why a Black Kite isn't black - there's no answer for it. However, its interesting to see it on the ground. What's it upto?

Ah! It's picking up twigs to build a nest. The unsolved mystery is how the twig got to the middle of the nearly-dry lake!

A Stick Mantis. With a structure like that, any small insect will be fooled to think its predator is a stick!

Yathinyathin on February 18th, 2007 04:23 pm (UTC)
Just watch out for who posts the stick insect on INW and you'll get the answer. ;)