Yathin (yathin) wrote,

Back into the Indian Wilderness...

It's been a good five months away from the Indian jungles and a trip to Bandipur was just what was needed to kick start my wild life all over again.

Gopalswamy betta (~1400 meters) - the highest point in Bandipur National Park.

A beautiful bull elephant in peak of musth.

This trip was much different from the other trips in the sense that I saw how stupid men can be (I had only heard of them before). Just after the sun had set, we saw an idiot park his car on the main road and walk a good fifty meters towards a wild elephant grazing by the road. The wind was favourable to him and the elephant did not know of his presence and before the wind gods decided to change direction, we arrived on the scene and chased that fool away from the elephant. Just a kilometer later, there were another bunch of idiots sitting beside the road making omelette! No wonder so many people get killed by elephants on the highway then...

More pictures and stories will follow in the coming days when I get some time.

Tags: bandipur, elephant
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