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28 August 2006 @ 08:50 pm
More man-animal conflict...  
Bad news for the tigers of Nagarhole it seems. Times of India had an article today (could someone give me an online link to that?) about a man-eater on prowl. Bad for people. Bad for tigers. Many are going to have sleepless nights and I am fairly sure that some tigers will be killed there to appease people. The question is how many? With poaching still rampant, this is not looking good for the great cats of India.

Anyway, here are some images from that forest.

Muggers are medium-sized crocodiles (average around 10-12 feet) and found all over India. They seem to be amazingly calm for their size but we all know how opportunistic crocodiles are...

Juvenile tusker on the banks of the Kabini. Just like human teenagers, these are very short-tempered and should be avoided. However, unlike human families these are mercilessly thrown out of their herds at this stage.

Edit: Thanks to fiery_fiona for the link.

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kejnkejn on August 28th, 2006 04:51 pm (UTC)
i can't imagine how it would be living in a place with (possible) man-eating tigers. :-O

the most ferocious predators we have here in sweden (up in the forested north) are wolves and bears. the wolves are feared and driven to a point of near extinction by poaching, the bears just barely have a viable population (i think) and some are shot each year on license. there is no real danger for humans from wolves (they occasionally take a hunting dog but have never attacked people as far as i know) while there seems to be news each year of a bear or two attacking someone. i have never been near a wild bear but my dad told me he came across paw prints in the woods once that were made just minutes after he had passed that spot earlier. he said it gave him a terrible case of the "bear shivers", while he wouldn't think twice about a wolf being near him.
Yathinyathin on August 28th, 2006 05:49 pm (UTC)
> some are shot each year on license

The tigers we have are only alive because the Indian kings saved them for shooting later in the form of game hunting (entertainment!!) for visiting British and European dignitaries! And if we ever had that licensed shooting today, it would probably take less than an hour for the entire tiger population to be wiped out. :D

Did you know about the European cave lion that existed there centuries ago? It was the largest cat that ever lived. I've seen tigers and they're massive, so I can only imagine how scary Euro lions would have been to those ancient people who were on the lion's menu!